Banjo Witze

Leidig und geliebt, brutal und herzlich.

Die Guten alten Banjowitze.

Einsendungen der Tony Trischka School of Banjo (Übersetzungen kommen noch)

Ok. What the diff btw a banjo and an onion? When somebody chops up an onion, you cry.

What is the definition of perfect pitch?  When you toss an accordion into a dumpster and it lands on a banjo.

How many banjo players do you need to change a light bulb - one to fit the bulb and a load of others to say 'That's not how Earl would do it

Why is a banjo player's brain worth so much more than a doctor's?  It's hardly been used.

So there are two guy's on death row and today is the day they are going to die. The warden comes into there cell and asks the first prisoner what is your last request. He says I would like to play my old banjo for 10 minutes before I die. The warden says Ok go get his banjo. The warden then turns to the other prisoner and asks what is your last request and without hesitating he says....Please let me die before they get back with that banjo...


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